One to One

What do you need?


Private Yoga Sessions

Individual attention for those working with injury or illness is recommended. During these private sessions we can develop a practice around the Yogic techniques indicated for your specific needs. You can use this information to develop a home practice or eventually join a group class. These private sessions are scheduled at your convenience. Erin, Helena and Dawn each offer one to one instruction. Please contact the studio to make an appointment.


Chakra Sessions

In the course of these sessions you will connect with each of your seven major energy centers in the energy body. These centers can provide us with a map of our physical, mental and emotional well being. Guided visualization and self-awareness exercises will help you identify stagnant or overactive areas. We will then create a plan, simple techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routines, specific to your needs, to restore balance. Techniques that may be include affirmations, mudras, meditation, aromatherapy, yoga postures, pranayama, mandala focus, journaling and energy work. Please contact the studio to set up an appointment with Erin Day.


Peer Mentoring

These sessions are for teachers in training or students who would like to deepen their exploration of Yogic philosophy and practice. Erin Day will work with you one to one, assisting you with the many questions that can arise in the course of teacher training and encouraging you in finding your genuine voice as a teacher. This is not a teacher training certification but is a supplement to one. "I am forever grateful to my mentor, who gave me the  steady base on which I began teaching. My time with her honed my skills as a teacher. Of the trainings I've had this individualized attention has meant everything."  Erin Day 
Please contact the studio to set up mentoring sessions, cost is on a sliding scale.