Wild Wanderings

Steeped in nature I find myself in the beauty that surrounds me.

Being in the woods very quickly soothes the restless mind and invigorates our body and spirit. We take every opportunity to care for and give gratitude for everything in nature. As we are a part of nature we allow ourselves to receive the peace and healing that is so readily available to us. Our outdoor adventures include outdoor Yoga classes, hiking, kayaking, biking, river cruising, herbal explorations, foraging, wildlife viewing and soon to come retreats!


Stay tuned for our 2020 Spring & Summer outdoor explorations! They will include Yoga in the beauty of nature, study of flora and fauna, foraging, outdoor ceremonies and celebrations!  


Hike for Health, Healing & Happiness

Interested in a hammock for our hike? We support Madera in their mission to plant trees, create sustainability and economic equality. 2 trees planted for every hammock purchase at, use discount code MADERA40 for 40% off.

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