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There are so many new beginnings it seems, but can you pinpoint a moment that life as you know it, you as you know yourself to be at heart really began? That "this is what I'm about and what is most important to me," kind of beginning?

I'm sure I'm not alone in this but for me that moment was when I became a Mom. First to my sprouted from the earth, most content when he's in the woods son Rowan. Almost four years later I become Mom to Malachi, my son with the deep brown eyes that almost match the even greater depth of his empathy and mirth.

It seemed that this beginning, being their mom, was always a part of me. Rowan and Malachi are the subject of conversation that makes me light up (generally -parenting isn't always easy after all), they are my full heart. So, it seems appropriate that this blog begins with my beginning. It begins with my sons, who are the reason I ever set foot on a Yoga mat in the first place. They have shaped how I teach and practice Yoga, how I live and how I look at life.

What is your beginning? What subject makes you smile and your eyes shine when you talk about it? I'd love to hear about your beginning...