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Seasonal Chakra Clearing

We spring clean our homes, opening the windows to warmer days and sunshine, recognizing the stuff we've accumulated and decide what we can clear out. This has the affect of not only making our homes look nicer and cared for but they also energetically feel better because we've given these spaces our time and attention. We can do the same for our energy bodies, clearing out some of the stagnant things we've held onto, acknowledging what has served a purpose but can now be released. The feeling we experience from this energetic clearing is not entirely different from how a clean house feels: more spacious, lighter, more comfortable.

So what is an energy body anyway? For starters it is more easily felt than described with words, but for the sake of our minds wanting something more concrete we give it terms, definitions and even physical locations. Haha! As energy it has no specific location but to make our minds happy we'll go by the areas in which the vibrations of certain energies may be most easily recognized.

This is where an understanding of our Chakras, a part of our energy body, can help us out. Our Chakra system is a tool for understanding and mapping our energetic well being and how our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves are connected by these energetic threads. The 7 major Chakras run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each energy center is related to a color, sound, element, planet, gemstone, aroma, food and specific Yogic practices. These are all things we can utilize to help support our energy system. For our Chakra clearing today, we are going to rely purely on our own awareness and how we communicate with ourselves to cleanse our energy body.

A depiction of the First Chakra...

Awareness initiates change by being a still point within the changes that have already been steadily occurring. Just by bringing your attention to the physical areas as well as the emotional and mental aspects of the Chakras you are allowing what is stagnant to move through you and you are creating space for welcoming the new. Our energy systems by their very nature are meant to be in motion, we are not meant to cling and attach. At first this idea of constant change might feel scary. Things are always in flux, we trick ourselves into believing they are not. The changes you feel within yourself have been quietly in the works, the more we practice being present and aware of ourselves the less likely these changes sneak up on us. By practicing awareness we become more accustomed to noticing physical sensations, emotional changes and mental fluctuations in the beginning stages and can then offer ourselves the support needed. Within constant change our awareness, our ability to observe ourselves, becomes a steadiness and a reassuring stillness.

With our awareness, let's scan each of our 7 Major Chakras by way of their physical, emotional and mental associations. Before we begin recognize that YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE. There is nothing negative about what you're experiencing, it all is a gateway for your greater self-awareness and conscious living. The idea of "balance" is relative.

Some questions you might ask yourself before we begin the Chakra Scan...

What part of my body is physically calling my attention? (go by first instinct, don't doubt yourself)

Is there an area of my body that feels uncomfortable or even painful?

Is there an area of my body that is hard to feel/get a sense of?

Is there an area of my body that feels weak?

Is there an area of my body where I have experienced recurring injury, illness or trauma?

Am I holding myself in a way that is protective of a specific area of my body?

Is there an area where there is a personal history?

Is there an ancestral/familial history that is showing up in my body?

Is there an emotion that is overactive or stifled?

What are my thoughts in relation to different parts of my body?

Is there a connection between what I'm feeling emotionally and what is showing up for me physically? Vice Versa

You might find that the questions you asked yourself already helped you to identify an area that wants some care and attention. The following associations may confirm it for you or help you discover where the feeling (physical or otherwise) is actually stemming from. Remember that nothing within ourselves is separate, its all interdependent so if no specific area is standing out it doesn't hurt at all just to look at the big picture. Continue to bring your loving awareness to your whole being. Now, let's bring attention to the location of each of the 7 major Chakras and explore some of their associations.

1st Chakra - Muladhara

Physical Location - perineum, at the base of the spine

Associated with your skeletal system and adrenal glands

Emotional & Mental Associations - survival, primal and daily needs, fear, safety,

physical identity, security, right of existence

2nd Chakra - Svidhisthana

Physical Location - 2 inches below navel, sacrum

Associated with your reproductive system, sexual organs, all fluid

bodily functions

Emotional & Mental Associations - passion, creativity, establishing individuality while connecting with others, feelings regarding change, gratification, nurturing

3rd Chakra - Manipura

Physical Location - at the navel

Associated with digestive system, muscular system, immune system, gallbladder, liver

Emotional/Mental Associations - self-esteem, inclusion, ego, strength, willpower, ability to digest anything (not only in the physical sense but the ability to process experiences, knowledge, emotions)

4th Chakra - Anahata

Physical Location - chest, upper back

Associated with Circulatory system, respiratory system, thymus gland, arms, hands

Emotional/Mental Associations- giving love, receiving love, self love

5th Chakra - Vishuddha

Physical - Located at your throat/neck

Associations include thyroid, parathyroid, ears, mouth, vocal chords

Emotional/Mental Associations- communication, listening, self-expression, voicing the truth of oneself

6th Chakra - Ajna (third eye)

Physical Location - between eyebrows and projecting at the base of the skull at back of head

Associations are eyes, pineal gland, medulla plexus

Emotional/Mental Associations - Imagination, vision, intuition, recognition, witnessing, trust

7th Chakra - Sahasrara

Physical - located at the crown of your head

Associated with your skin (boundary between outer and inner worlds)

Emotional/Mental Associations - connection to all that is, divinity, sense of belonging, joy

So, now that we've gathered some information about ourselves, what can we do with it? You've given yourself some much deserved attention and time to check in with yourself, repeat often! As mentioned earlier, so much relates to our energy body. How we carry ourselves, what we eat, the relationships we engage in...all of this impacts how we feel energetically. Our thoughts and how we communicate with ourselves are an excellent starting point. So let's practice offering ourselves positive reminders...what we think we become.

Bring your attention back to each of the locations as your repeat these affirmations OUT LOUD as many times as needed:

1st Chakra

"Everything that I need comes to me at just the right time."

2nd Chakra

"I am passionate and creative"

3rd Chakra

"I know my strengths and I offer them to the greatest good for all."

4th Chakra

"I am loved and I am loving"

5th Chakra

"I speak my truth in kindness and I listen with the intent to hear."

6th Chakra - "I trust myself"

7th Chakra "I am."

May you know in your bones, in your heart, in your mind and in your spirit that these affirmations ring true. You are amazing just as you are.

Chakra work is one of my passions, it has given me a greater understanding of myself and has reassured me during times when I'm feeling so much physically and emotionally that this is all normal. It is part of the beauty of our being so completely connected within ourselves and to the world around us. Let me know if I can support you in any way in your journey through the Chakras!