Workshops & Events

We create fun and informative workshops to inspire you! Our offerings include Yogic philosophy, connecting with cacao, sound healings, shamanic journeys, meditation, essential oil classes, herbalism, community discussions, journaling and healing and learning through nature. Below are our current offerings, held at 10 Summit St. unless otherwise noted. Please  register in advance for all workshops.


World Peace Meditations

Sundays December 22nd, January 26th, February 23rd and March 22nd at 10am

 Eileen Higgins will hold space for us as we turn our attention to peace and healing for the world community. Meditations are held on the new moon of each month with donations going to local charities.

Shamanic Drum Journey Circle

Fridays,  December 13th, January 24th, February 28th and March 27th at 7pm

Come for an evening to journey together, meet your spirit guides and learn from a circle of like-minded friends. If you have never experienced a shamanic journey or are experienced in journeying to a shamanic drum beat, you will have an unforgettable time and make some new friends. The circle will be facilitated by Tim Treebeard, who has a variety of life experiences and is trained as a Shaman by Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Please bring drums, rattles, pen and paper, a yoga mat, blanket and something to cover your eyes while journeying. Drums and rattles are not mandatory. Requesting an offering of $5 to the space and a non-perishable item for the East Hampton Food Bank.

The Drum Experience

Friday, February 21st, 7pm

with Andrew Prue

A sharing of history and sounds of drums from all over the world. There will be opportunity for ecstatic movement, meditation and to ask questions

relating to the various drums Andrew will have on hand. 

Andrew Prue is a dedicated musician of hand drums and percussion techniques. For over ten years, his passion to share the love and healing power of drums has brought him to communities all over New England. 

Whether studying at a drum conference, rebuilding instruments in his workshop or playing with rock bands, Andrew bring his enthusiasm, appreciation and good vibes!            Near his hometown, Andrew hosts the monthly potluck and Middlesex Drum Circle for musicians of all levels to celebrate together. This is held at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown every 4th Thursday of the month. 

Drums are incredible instruments full of infinite possibilities. People of all ages, abilities and alignments can create music to find acceptance and fellowship. That is the knowledge Andre wishes to share with the world. 

Cost: $15 with pre-registration

NEW “WISE WOMEN” WEEKLY SUPPORT GROUP: Women, Inspiring, Supporting, Empowering

Beginning Wednesday, March 11th 7:00-8:00pm Held Weekly

Facilitated by Holistic Life Coach, Crystal Soucy

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~African Proverb

WHEN: Wednesday nights from 7pm - 8pm, beginning March 11, 2020. Registration opens 3/1!

WHERE:  Ten Summit Yoga & Earth Based Wellness, 10 Summit Street, East Hampton

Meet & Greet on Saturday, March 7th. Meet Crystal, ask questions, sign up if you are ready!

WHO SHOULD COME:  Women who are looking for greater connection, clarity and contentment in their lives. This is time dedicated to you and your well-being. All are welcome! 


  • If you’ve been stuck in a rut and unable to move toward the life you know you are meant to live, gathering with other  like-minded women could be the missing          piece of the puzzle. 

  • If you’ve been trying to go it alone only to continue to take one step forward and two steps back, a support group can be a source of inspiration and motivation. 

  • If you’ve been putting everyone else’s needs before your own, come learn why self-care is not selfish, it’s essential to your own well-being.

  • If you feel like you are constantly either worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, come be present with other women who understand.

In addition to this being an opportunity to explore ways to live your life with greater awareness, this is also a potential way to combat loneliness, which studies show is now an epidemic in our country. One of the key determinants of loneliness is a lack of social support and infrequent meaningful social interactions. If that is a statement that resonates with you, that alone is a reason to join us. This just might be your tribe!

FORMAT:  Crystal will lead the interactive group in a rich discussion on a specific topic. Topics could include: health, relationships, work, work-life balance, life transitions, limiting beliefs, mindset, habits, procrastination, stress, resilience, communications, humor, family, forgiveness, fear, fun, money, knowing your worth, goal setting, purpose, affirmations and MUCH more. 

Meetings will start with a short exercise to help get thoughts focused and conversation flowing. Some weeks you’ll gain new perspective and other weeks you may be the person who helped someone else look at a situation in a new way. As the group leader, I will facilitate the discussion allowing plenty of time for individual participation in a safe setting. (All participants will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement at their first meeting). 

PARTICIPATION:  Weekly participation is encouraged however, every meeting is open to anyone interested. Due to space limitations, a 48 hour advance registration is all that is required. Knowing how many to expect allows me to plan better and create a better experience for you. Regular participation will help create a sense of community and trust within the group.

COST:  Only $15 per meeting!

Package of four for $54 (10% savings)

Package of eight for $96 (20% savings) 

Packages are good for six months from the issue date. Whichever option you choose, you can participate any time. (Cash, check and credit cards accepted.)

One of the best ways to improve your world is to improve yourself. Invest in YOU!

EXTRAS:  You will receive a pen and notebook at your first meeting. A private Facebook group will be available for those who want to stay connected in between meetings. This will also be a place where I will provide additional inspiration and resources. Special events may be scheduled. We will see how this evolves as we go...and GROW! 

Group coaching is a great alternative to one-on-one coaching when you need a budget-friendly option. It also gives you a chance to get a feel for life coaching and possibly decide to take to it one-on-one for a deeper, more dedicated and impactful experience. 

A little more about Coach Crystal: At the core of my coaching is what I call the Four C’s: Challenge your limiting beliefs, Change your thoughts, Conquer your fears and Create consistency. These are the actions that I believe are required to move closer to a more authentic life. A life that you will feel more present in and content with if you make small, conscious effort each day. Whether in a group setting or one-on-one, having support and accountability can be a real game-changer! Learn more about me and my life coaching at: You can also e-mail me at:

Simply Mindful

Every last Thursday of the month beginning February 27th.

with Lois Baker Villa 
This is an interactive program on how to implement self-care tools in everyday life. Surprisingly "meditation" is not quite what you think it is supposed to be. "We will briefly discuss my personal journey and how I realized the power of the universe, positive energy and living with gratitude." ~ Lois

Self-Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

Sundays, 8am-9am beginning Oct. 27th
This is a weekly class, drop-ins welcome

with Patrick Connors

Self-Breema exercises help us to be receptive to the instinctive wisdom of the body. The body is always in the present. By bringing the attention of the mind to the weight and breath of the body we move in the direction of being present.The exercises and the Nine Principles are also ways to explore ourselves through body movement and through seeing ourselves as we are in the moment, with self-acceptance. Then we may come to a taste of our essential nature, and see it is possible to be free from our preconceived limitations. When we are present, we see that we are multidimensional beings who are part of a greater whole, and we can begin to have a harmonious relationship to life as it is. The first principle we will work with is No Extra.

By donation, proceeds cover the cost of the studio space. 

Patrick Connors has been a student, and Certified Practitioner and Instructor, of Breema for the past 20 years. Although the core of his studies has been at the Breema Center in Oakland, California, he has studied and taught Breema at various locations across the country.

Embracing Herbs

Thursdays January 9th, February 13th, March 12th and April 9th 7:30pm-9pm

with Erin Day 

A four-part series (although drop-in on individual classes is an option) in which we delve deeply into the qualities of four herbs. In each session we will cover the materia medica for our feature herb including lore, identification and energetics. For each of the herbs you will also complete one project/recipe and we will practice a guided meditation to honor our connection with the herbs. 

January - Usnea

Project: terrarium with usnea and crystals 

Focus of talk: Our relationship with herbs and ethical foraging 

February - Rose

Project: Rose petal balm 

Focus of talk: Herbs and our emotions + plant constituents 

March - Lemon Balm 

Project: Lemon Balm & Honey Tea 

Focus of talk: Creating Ritual for herbs and our senses + preserving herbs

April - Garlic Mustard

Project: Garlic Mustard and Olive oil Dip + leaf drawing 

Focus of talk: Working with invasive species + where to collect

Cost: $100 in advance for all four classes or $30 per class. Pre-registration is required for each class in order to prepare project materials in advance 

Restorative Yoga with Reiki

Sunday, March 22nd 4pm-5:30pm Snow date March 29th

With Grace Osora Erhart

Re-balance and restore yourself to a natural state of ease and comfort to facilitate health
and relaxation. In Restorative Yoga, we disconnect from
stress and enhance well-being by permeating the body with energy, we sequence longer holding in restful and prop supported postures to maintain a healthy spine and joints. This practice is safe for beginners and helpful to more experienced yoga practitioners. It can give the body an experience of releasing chronic stress in a healthy way and is easy to recall for home practice when needed.

Reiki and shamanic drumming for guided relaxation will be incorporated.

Class size is limited, $20, pre-registration only.

Grace is certified in Relax and Renew Restorative by Judith Lasater, Phd, yoga pioneer in this country and a founder of Yoga
Journal. Grace is also an RYT 500, RN, Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki
Practitioner level 2, and Dream Teacher level 3.

Slow Time Down...with Yin Yoga & The Leap Year

February 29th 1:00-4:00pm

A Deceleration Retreat with Liza Dousson

What do Yin Yoga & this Leap Year have in common?
...both contribute to slowing our concept of Time down...

Why is slowing Time down good? Everything in our 24/7 world seems to be going just TOO FAST!!! The constant
demands of Life. And if we think we have no choice but to give in and show up for it ALL – or even be on “the
ready” – our nervous and hormonal systems become weary...exhaustion can show up...we can't sleep well or
enough...our bodies feel tight and on-edge...minds overwhelmed. We are out of balance..
In Yin Yoga we slow down the whole approach to Time. We decelerate by visiting a series of yoga shapes for
longer periods of time, quiet down the body-mind and observe where we are without our more usual efforting. Our
illusion of the 1, 3 or 5 minute holds in Yin Yoga may disappear as we get more connected to moments rather than
“completion.” We abide in a more patient relationship with ourselves in each pose (mini-meditations). Time slows
down. We revive our resilience. We find more balance as we deliver more fluidity to our bodies & minds, more
flexibility, hydration, easefulness. And we might even notice we're less-reactive, less triggered by the crazy (though
still so beautiful) world around us.

Welcome deceleration.

Leap years decelerate our perception of Time too. A leap day is added to our calendar to synchronize the calendar
year with the seasons. Leap days were first added to the Julian Calendar in 46 B.C. by Julius Caesar at the advice
of Sosigenes, an Alexandrian astronomer. Without leap years, the extra quarter of a day required by Earth to
complete a single orbit around the sun, and the calendar year would drift away from the solar year. In essence, the
calendar year (a human artifact) is faster than the actual solar year (or year as defined by our planet’s motion
through space). Without correction the calendar year would be off by about 25 days after 100 years. Without the
leap year as a calendar correction, eventually February would be a summer month in the Northern Hemisphere!
Speaking of out of balance!

Join us in keeping February where it belongs!
And for a deep delicious retreat into YIN Yoga!

Cost: $45 with Registration (Suggested as space is limited) $60 at the door

Liza left behind the corporate world in 1999, following a strong beacon of Yoga running concurrently in her life...and
never looked back. After completing her White Lotus Yoga Training in Santa Barbara, CA and some teach time, a
combo of Yoga (and Love!) led her to India & South East Asia for 7 years of cultural immersion, study & the art of

slowing-it-down. In 2008 she dedicated her teaching style exclusively to Yin Yoga. In 2016 she wrote & self-
published her eBook YIN Yoga: The Art of Deceleration in an Amp'd Up World that is available on Kindle &

iBooks. In October 2018 she released an online 8-class audio program titled From Roots to Sky: A Sojourn of
Yoga, Pranayama & Dharana. Liza leads regular group classes, workshops, retreats & Yin Yoga Teacher
Trainings and has been a part of summer yoga festival offerings including Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festivals and
the Maine Yoga Festival since 2013. She returns to gypsy travels when possible to continue studies in Yoga,

Thai Yoga & Medical Qi Gong.


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