Zoom Group Yoga Classes with Erin Day

Classes are ongoing.

Registration prior to your first class is needed to receive meeting links. Please register by

texting or calling Erin at 860-262-0248 or email tensummitst@gmail.com 

Tuesdays 9am - 10am 

Tuesdays 7pm - 8pm 

Wednesdays 12pm -1pm 

Fridays 9am - 10am

Some suggestions: 

- I'll open the meeting 15 minutes ahead of start time for anyone who'd like to join in early to chat!

- If you have a blanket, yoga block and something that can work as a yoga strap ( a belt or a tie works) have it close by before beginning in case they come in handy :) 

- Give yourself some space to move 

- Have the screen somewhere easily visible, although you won't need to see me through much of our practice

- Be patient with distractions and have fun bringing your group practice into your home. If anyone else in your household wants to join you...the more the merrier! 

- No cell phones on please 


Yoga In Your Inbox with Erin Day

For those that didn't receive monthly subscriptions you can still get previously recorded videos picked just for you delivered straight to your inbox.  For $25 you'll receive a set of 10 links to  videos of varying lengths and practices. Once you have the links they are yours to return to as often as you'd like. Please email Erin at tensummitst@gmail.com or call 860-262-0248 to sign up and communicate your preferred practices.

Videos may include:  

1. All Levels practice videos of varying lengths.

2. Yogic Philosophy, Meditation and Mindfulness Practices 

3. A Deep Dive into Practice: Explore postures in detail and at advanced levels.

4. Earth Wisdom: Learn to make simple herbal medicines


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