Group Yoga Classes with Erin Day

It's time to sign-up for September AND October Yoga classes! 

See the full schedule below and sign-up in person or by sending payment by Venmo or Paypal to If you plan to snail mail your payment please let me know you're doing so. 

Why are we signing up for 2 months?  
As I'll be away at the end of September into October this will enable us to have classes without disruption. 
I did reduce the price for both zoom and zoom/outdoor options to take into account some missed classes and the possibility that I may not always have service for zoom while I'm away. This is a bargain!

Class cost:
Outdoor/Zoom Combo for September and October $90 for both months 
Zoom Only for September and October $70 for both months 

You can also drop-in on any class for $15. Please text or call 860-262-0248 if you plan to drop-in.



Weekly Yoga Classes from Sept. 1st - Sept 23rd
Mondays: 7am Zoom 
               9am Outdoors at Chatham Historical Society (6 Bevin Blvd. East Hampton) 
Tuesdays: 9am Zoom 
                6pm Outdoors at Middle Haddam Library 
Thursdays: 9am Zoom
                 7pm Zoom 
Saturdays: 9am Outdoors at Chatham Historical Society 

Yoga Classes From Sept. 25th - Oct. 5th I'll be away so ALL outdoor classes are off at this time but we'll be together through zoom for the following class times...

Tuesday, Sept. 28th 9am Zoom and 6pm Zoom
Saturday, Oct. 2nd 9am Zoom
***See pop-up classes at the bottom of this schedule for class make-up

Weekly Yoga Classes from Oct. 7th - Oct. 30th 
Mondays: 7am Zoom 
               9am Chatham Historical Society 
Tuesdays: 9am Zoom 
                5:30pm Middle Haddam Library 
Thursdays: 9am Zoom 
                 7pm Zoom 
Saturdays: 9am Outdoors Chatham Historical Society 

Pop-Up Yoga Classes 
If you've previously pd for the Zoom and Outdoor Option in July/August and/or you're signing up for Sept./ Oct.,  these are automatically rolled into your class cost. These are make-up for rained out outdoor classes and my away time. For all others (including Zoom only option) these classes fall under the drop-in rate $15 per class. 

* Outdoors Friday, Sept. 10th 12pm at Hurd Park, park near the pavilion on the hill, first right turn after main entrance
* Outdoors Wednesday, Sept. 22nd (Fall Equinox!) 6pm registration is required for this one and special location (in Portland CT) will be given upon registration. Space is limited.
* Zoom Wednesday, Oct. 6th 7am You will receive this link if you sign up for Zoom or Zoom & Outdoor Option 
* Outdoors Wednesday, Oct. 6th 5:30pm at Sears Park in East Hampton